Nanotechnology Products, Applications & Instruments

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Category Definition
A - Analysis: microscopes, tips, probes, material analysis,analytical instrumentation, imaging systems, metrology
B - Materials: nanoenhanced and -enabled materials (composites, fillers, lubricants, filters, textiles, gels, polymers, catalysts, coatings and surface treatments, thin films, resins, gels, membranes, fluids)
C - Electronics: electronic components and devices
D - Energy: energy generation (incl. solar, fuel cell) and storage/batteries, lighting
E - Instruments: process and assembly equipment (manipulators, positioning systems), synthesis, lithography, deposition systems, analyzers, process control, chromatographs, FIB, homogenizers/mixers, cantilevers, imprint templates
F - Products: nanoenhanced and -enabled products, components, devices
G - Software: analytic and modelling software
H - Technology: material technologies and engineering, synthesis and process technology, prototyping and custom engineering services