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Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 2365-6301 (print); 2365-631X (online)
Graphene and 2D Materials Technologies showcases the latest graphene research and development on practical commercial applications and Technologies. The journal provides a platform for researchers to share their original and innovative findings, and illuminates methods of production and application including, graphene sheets, nanoplatelets, graphene nanotubes, dispersions and composite materials.
Publisher: Elsevier
The Handai Nanophotonics Series presents evolving and promising research in the areas of photochemistry, optics, material science and bioscience.
Publisher: Hans
ISSN: 2161-086X (print); 2161-0878 (online)
A Chinese published general journal on nanosciences and nanotechnologies
Publisher: Herald Scholarly Open Access
ISSN: 2381-2044
An interdisciplinary international peer reviewed open access journal, which provides a platform for researchers and practitioners all over the world to promote, share and examine different new issues and advancements in all branches of nanomedicine and nanobiology within the scope of the journal.
Publisher: IEEE
The IEEE Nanotechnology Council is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to advance and coordinate work in the field of Nanotechnology carried out throughout the IEEE in scientific, literary and educational areas. The Council supports the theory, design, and development of nanotechnology and its scientific, engineering, and industrial applications.
Publisher: IEEE
ISSN: 1932-4510
IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine publishes peer-reviewed articles that present emerging trends and practices in industrial electronics product research and development, key insights, and tutorial surveys in the field of interest to the member societies of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine will be limited to the scope of the Nanotechnology Council, which supports the theory, design, and development of nanotechnology and its scientific, engineering, and industrial applications.
Publisher: IEEE
ISSN: 1536-1241
This transaction reports on original, innovative and interdisciplinary work on all aspects of molecular systems, cellular systems, and tissues - including molecular electronics. The journal will accept basic and applied papers dealing both with Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science and with Biology and Medicine with respect to bio-molecules and cells.
Publisher: IEEE
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary archival journal sponsored by 18 societies spearheaded by the IEEE Council on Nanotechnology. Taking the leading international role in disseminating knowledge in nanotechnology, this new journal is devoted to new results and discussions and promotes the understanding of the physical basis and engineering applications of phenomena at the nanoscale level.
Publisher: IEEE
ISSN: 1750-0443
The journal specialises in the express publication of short research papers concentrating on the latest advances in the science, engineering, technology and applications of miniature and ultraminiature structures and systems that have at least one dimension ranging from a few tens of micrometres to a few nanometres. Contributions addressing issues spanning from fundamental understanding to experimental demonstrations in the disciplines of engineering, physical, chemical, biological and material science should be submitted, with particular interest placed on manuscripts addressing cross-disciplinary activities and applications.
Publisher: IEEE
ISSN: 1751-8741
IET Nanobiotechnology covers all aspects of research and emerging technologies including, but not limited to: Fundamental theories and concepts applied to biomedical-related devices and methods at the micro- and nano-scale (including methods that employ electrokinetic, electrohydrodynamic, and optical trapping techniques); Micromachining and Microfabrication tools and techniques applied to the top-down approach to Nanobiotechnology; Nanomachining and Nanofabrication tools and techniques directed towards biomedical and biotechnological applications (e.g. applications of Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy and related tools); Colloid chemistry applied to Nanobiotechnology (e.g. cosmetics, suntan lotions, bio-active nanoparticles); Microtechnologies such as Lab-on-Chip applied to pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnological applications; Techniques for probing cell physiology, cell adhesion sites and cell-cell communication; Molecular self-assembly, including concepts of supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition, and DNA Nanotechnology; Societal issues such as health and the environment.
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
The journal's mission is to provide a unique venue for research that allows expansion of our knowledge of biology by gaining new insights into important biological and biophysical questions through the application of (novel) enabling quantitative tools and/or technologies (from the nanoscale to the macroscale).
Publisher: International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Press (IACSIT)
ISSN: 2010-362X
IJAPM is an international academic journal which gains a foothold in Singapore, Asia and opens to the world. It aims to promote the integration of applied physics and mathematics. The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art applied physics and mathematics. Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal and Association. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators for intelligent engineering and systems as well as designers and developers.
Publisher: Inderscience
ISSN: 1756-0799 (print); 1756-0802 (online)
IJBNN proposes and fosters discussion on scientific and technological investigations of nanomaterials in biology and medicine, with emphasis on their biomedical implications and impacts upon biosphere. This perspective acknowledges the complexity of biomedical nanoscience and nanotechnology as an interface between the biomedical arena and the nanosystem.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISSN: 1943-0892 (print); 1943-0906 (online)
International Journal of Green Nanotechnology is a unique, three-part journal focusing on the important challenges and latest advances in the chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and other scientific aspects of green nanotechnology as well as on their societal impact and the policies that have been or should be developed to address them.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISSN: 1943-085X (print); 1943-0906 (online)
Articles address biocompatibility and nanomedical applications of green nanotechnologies, including the development of new medical diagnostic and therapeutic agents and biological sensors.