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Assessing the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology
Source: OECD – Publication date: September 2013
The objective of the symposium was to systematically explore the need for and development of a methodology to assess the economic impact of nanotechnology across whole economies, factoring in many sectors and types of impact, including new and replacement products and materials, markets for raw materials, intermediate and final goods, and employment and other economic impacts.

Communicating Nanotechnology in Europe
Source: European Commission – Publication date: May 2010
The European Commission has compiled a roadmap for communicating nanotechnology across Europe. It presents the focus, objectives, methodology and actions already in place and to be developed over the next few years. The 188-page document is structured into three main parts: Where are we now? Where do we want to be? and How do we get there? and provides a detailed overview of all relevant activities and initiatives existing or planned across Europe.

EU nanotechnology R&D in the field of health and environmental impact of nanoparticles
Source: European Commission – Publication date: January 2008
This compilation aims at gathering the most complete overview of past and ongoing research projects funded by the FPs, EU Member States, Candidate Countries and Countries associated to FP6 or FP7 in the area of possible impacts in health, environment and safety of nanoparticles. Being the first of its kind, this compilation has information of 106 projects.

European Leadership in Nanoelectronics
Source: MEDEA+ – Publication date: June 2004
This document reviews past successes and the scope of the future commitments necessary for continued European leadership. It outlines forms of co-operation, such as public-private partnerships, that are necessary to achieve stated goals.

European Nanotechnology Infrastructure and Networks
Source: Nanoforum – Publication date: July 2005
This report details the numbers of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience (N&N) infrastructure centres and networks within the EU and associated states. Names of centres and networks with website details and brief descriptions are included along with an introduction to N&N research and development in each country. For summary charts, the following broad categories have been used: all technologies; nanomaterials; electronics and systems; fundamental research; nanobiotechnology; analytical and diagnostics; engineering and fabrication; energy.

European Nanotechnology Landscape Report
Source: ObservatoryNANO – Publication date: November 2011
The FP7 ObservatoryNANO project has undertaken to provide policy makers at all levels, from local governments up to the European Commission and European Parliament, with an overview of the nanotechnology landscape in Europe. This has involved monitoring of new technology developments and their market impacts through desk research and extensive expert engagement together with a company survey to identify and gather information on European nanotechnology business activity. The survey has built upon the patent, publication, and funding analysis that has been ongoing since the project?s inception in 2008. It already includes direct input from over one hundred nanotechnology businesses across Europe, as well as basic data on over 1500 nanotech companies identified by the ObservatoryNANO through objective criteria.

International Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Nanotechnology
Source: Regulatory Governance Institute, Carleton University – Publication date: April 2009
This report is an initial exploration into the question: "How have Canada and other jurisdictions reacted to the recent emergence of nanotechnology-based products in the marketplace (and what is the current state of affairs)?" undertaken from the perspective of regulatory governance.

Mapping Study on Regulation and Governance of Nanotechnologies
Source: FramingNano Project – Publication date: January 2009
A detailed study providing a picture of the recent development regarding regulation and governance of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies in Europe and worldwide, identifying relevant stakeholders organisations and making an assessment of these information.

Nanosciences and nanotechnologies: An action plan for Europe 2005-2009
Source: European Commission – Publication date: June 2005
This report sets out a series of concrete actions to be taken by the European Commission and by EU Member States, based on the priority areas identified in the earlier Communication, 'Towards a European Strategy for Nanotechnology' COM(2004) 338 of May 2004.

Nanotechnology - a Key Technology for the Future of Europe
Source: Cordis – Publication date: August 2005
Taking the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Synthesis report as a starting point, and drawing on the EU documents, 'Towards a European Strategy for Nanotechnology' and 'Converging Technologies - Shaping the Future of European Societies', this report identifies, in relation to European strengths, where nanotechnology research should be focused over the coming decade.

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