A nanomedicine approach against multidrug-resistant bacteria

(Nanowerk News) Several antibacterial nanomaterials (such as silver, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, tellurium, and copper oxide nanoparticles) can be effective against multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria-caused wound infection.
These nanomaterials, however, can be cytotoxic or hemolytic. That's why researchers are exploring wound dressing materials that can protect against MDR bacteria.
A new study by researchers in China, just published in ACS Nano ("Pharmaceutical Intermediate-Modified Gold Nanoparticles: Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria and Wound-Healing Application via an Electrospun Scaffold"), illustrates a strategy for curing full-thickness wounds infected by multidrug-resistant MDR bacteria via an electrospun scaffold containing pharmaceutical intermediate-capped gold nanoparticles.
The researchers demonstrate that their gold nanoparticles modified with antibacterial intermediates can kill Gram-negative bacteria and MDR strains.
Moreover, electrospun polymeric fibers with the AuNPs can be efficient wound dressing materials for bacterial infection treatment.
Schematic illustration of the synthesis of antibacterial gold nanoparticles and application for wound healing
Schematic illustration of the synthesis of antibacterial AuNPs and application for wound healing. (© American Chemical Society)
This kind of AuNP shows effective antimicrobial activity and outstanding biosecurity. The electrospun nanofibrous mats incorporating the antibacterial AuNPs show adequate wound healing property in vivo against bacterial wound infection.
This work can broaden antibiotic screening space and the applications of AuNPs, which may provide an option against MDR bacterial infections. The homogeneous electrospun nanofibers are promising for use in clinical treatment of wound infection.
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