Posted: April 11, 2009

Malaysian and Egyptian universities in nanotechnology cooperation

(Nanowerk News) Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and University of Alexandria, Egypt, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to forge a smart partnership in nano technology research and development.
The University of Alexandria is seen capable of becoming our strategic partner as it also has special programmes and interest in the field, and is also working with developed countries, like Japan, for the purpose, Coordinator of the USM Nano Optoelectronics Technology and Research Laboratory, Prof Kamarulazizi Ibrahim said in a statement here Saturday.
He said the nano technology research in USM focused on efforts to develop, design and produce devices for "Blue light emitting", similar to the production of light emitting diodes (LDs) that are cost-saving and environmentally friendly and laser diodes (LDs) that are regarded as very important in the electronic industry, semiconductors, medicine and others.
Kamarulazizi was among USM officials, led by its Vice-Chancellor Prof Tan Sri Datuk Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, who went on an official visit to forge close ties with universities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia recently.
During the visit, USM also signed a MoU with the Al-Azhar University for the purpose of advancing research and exchange of expertise in the field of science and technology.
"Expertise in these areas should be advanced to enable Muslims to benefit from the knowledge and empower it globally, what more in efforts to combine science and technology with religion, that was once the force behind the development of knowledge," said Kamarulazizi.
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