Posted: April 22, 2009

European consortium releases documentary on structural nanocomposites

(Nanowerk News) The consortium of the integrated project IP Nanoker developed within the framework of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission is proud to announce the release of its documentary on “Structural Nanocomposites for Top-End Functional Applications”.
IP Nanoker documentary
This documentary reflects the scientific and technological objectives and breakthroughs arising from IP Nanoker covering some of the most relevant aspects addressed in the project, such as the importance of the correct definition of industrial requirements of future products, the limitations of currently used technologies for nanopowders synthesis and processing as well as the main project achievements obtained during the execution of this project.
Two versions of the documentary have been produced. The short one is available on the project website: The full version (57 minutes) can be provided by the IP Nanoker Project Management Office of upon request.
Source: IP Nanoker
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