Posted: April 25, 2009

Former RUSNANO Top Executive Leonid Melamed will manage the JV between Russian Atomic Energy Agency and Rostechnology

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANO (The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies) announced that Leonid Melamed had been appointed to the top management position in a newly created Joint Venture between Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency and Russian State Corporation Rostechnology.
Leonid Melamed
Leonid Melamed – former leader of RUSNANO who still acts as a member of it’s Supervisory Council.
It is expected that a new Joint Venture will develop business in the field of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers, carbon fibers and various composite materials. RUSNANO Corp. welcomes the decision about establishing a new JV and is considering the possibilities to join the stockholders in the new JV.
One of the major projects for the new JV will be industrial production of pre-pregs composed of carbon or mineral fibers impregnated with nano-filled bonding agent, which RUSNANO is inclined to finance and to participate in. The pre-pregs are partially finished composite nanomaterials produced by filling the reinforcing fiber base with evenly distributed polymer-bonding agent. It was said that the potential of nano composite structures is huge –inside and outside of Russia.
The fact that this project will be managed by one of the best managers in Russia who has very positive and extended experience in the field of start-up effective development assures everyone that this project will be realized successfully and on time.
RUSNANO is looking forward for cooperation with the new joint venture. The format of this cooperation will be decided later on by the RUSNANO management.
Source: NanoNewsNet
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