Posted: June 11, 2009

Nanotechnology and nanomedicine developments highlighted at NanoBio 2009 conference

(Nanowerk News) Over 50 International speakers to present their findings, with a keynote by Nobel Laureate, Douglas Osheroff, professor of Stanford University.
"The convergence of Nano and Bio technology underscores the need for conferences like this one. Exciting new developments need to be shared in a multi-disciplinary event to bring together academicians and business executives," said Lloyd L. Tran, Chair of NanoBio 2009, Director of California Institute of Nanotechnology. "This conference helps to accelerate the process of turning research projects in to real-life solutions that make our lives better."
Special Programs for young research investigators and graduate students
NanoBio 2009 also features special programs for young research and graduate students:

1. A Poster Presentation Contest to showcase their work

2. A Job Fair during the conference.

"Though we are in a down economy, healthcare will always be needed. We believe that Nano-medicine holds great promise in treating debilitating diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimers, paralysis and cancer. By connecting medical researchers with cutting edge nano and bio-tech companies, real advanced products and new treatments can come to market quicker." said Tran.
Safety Emphasized
In partnership with the California Environmental Protection Agency's, (Cal-EPA) Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), a roundtable discussion on June 22, 2009, with the importers and manufactures of carbon nanotubes will be held.
"Safe handling of nano-materials, especially carbon nanotubes, is critical. We see our role as creators of a forum to discuss safe and beneficial applications of nanotechnology," said Tran.
"The intent of this meeting is to provide an opportunity to discuss and share relevant information and best practices. We hope to engage industry and academia in a fruitful discussion on how to bring nano-based products to market safely," said Jeffery Wong, Chief Scientist of the Department of Toxic Substance Control and Cal-EPA.
The International Association of Nanotechnology is a non-profit professional association with the goal of fostering research, business collaboration and providing advanced education and training in the emerging of nanotechnology and clean technology worldwide for benefits to society.
About Cal-EPA DTSC
The mission of the Department of Toxic Substances Control is to protect public health, safety, and the environment from toxic harm.
Source: IANANO
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