Posted: September 22, 2009

US Air Force enters Swedish nanotechnology alliance

(Nanowerk News) The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has formed a partnership with a Swedish consortium headed by F÷rsvarets Materielverk (FMV) that will develop technologies for electronic standardization and miniaturization for the Swedish Gripen and U.S. aircraft.
The Uppsala-based ┼AC Microtec (formerly Angstrom Aerospace) is the agreement's main nano-technology partner on the Swedish side. FMV, which is Sweden's defense materials agency, is providing additional technical and financial support. ┼AC Microtec's share of the order is worth about $3 million.
The initial core objective of the U.S.-Swedish alliance is to identify improved technologies and systems to manufacture electronic micro-components up to 300 times smaller than current industry standards.
The contract signed with the USAF will see Sweden become the first country to deploy the Space Plug and Play Avionics (SPA) standard for miniaturizing and developing interfaces for electronics systems, including electronic aviation-related microcomponents.
"This is an important development. In particular it is important for ┼AC Microtec, as it recognizes the company as having the potential to become a leading global developer of space and aviation components based on the SPA standard," said Rickard Nordenberg, a strategic adviser to FMV.
New miniaturization technologies arising from the alliance's project will be used in the Gripen's nano-equipment programs, which aim to significantly reduce the size of electronic components for the next-generation JAS 39 Gripen aircraft.
AAC Microtec's task will be to find nano-solutions to reduce printed circuit board parts and component sizes as well as reducing on-board computer sizes and weight, and the size and weight of sensor systems and electronic warfare equipment.
Source: DefenseNews (Gerard O'Dwyer)
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