Posted: January 26, 2007

City of Cambridge to consider nanotechnology regulations

(Nanowerk News) Cambridge, Mass. is considering becoming the second city in the country to regulate nanotechnology – a month after Berkeley, Calif. became the first.
The Cambridge city council ordered the city manager on Jan. 8 to examine the new regulations in Berkeley and to propose an appropriate ordinance for Cambridge. Last month, Berkeley amended its hazardous materials rules to include nano-sized particles, which in turn will require companies to report how they are using nanotechnology.
Here is the full text of the Policy Order Resolution:
The use of subatomic materials as microscopic building blocks for thousands of consumer products has turned into a big business so quickly that few are monitoring nanotechnology’s effects on health and the environment; and
The city of Berkeley, California, has amended the hazardous materials section of its Municipal Code in order to monitor those impacts; now therefore be it ordered:
That the City Manager be and hereby requested to examine the nanotechnology ordinance for Berkeley, California, and recommend an appropriate ordinance for Cambridge.
Source: Cambridge City Council
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