Posted: November 19, 2009

Swedish nanotechnology policies studied by RUSNANO

(Nanowerk News) A RUSNANO delegation headed by CEO Anatoly Chubais will visit Sweden on November 19-20, 2009 to study the support that government offers for innovative developments, share with Sweden’s business and scientific communities the goals and principles that guide RUSNANO’s activities and discuss opportunities to collaborate in commercialization of nanotechnologies with their Swedish counterparts.
The agenda for the visit begins with trips to several nanotechnology companies in the Stokholm-Upsala region: Gammadata Group, Scienta, Acreo, and Micronic Laser Systems. Later Mr. Chubais will meet with Minister of Trade of Sweden Ewa Björling and take part in a seminar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences to which representatives of Sweden’s business community and government organizations engaged in investigation, use, and commercialization of nanotechnologies have also been invited. During the seminar, Anatoly Chubais will make a presentation on the activities of RUSNANO.
On November 20 the delegation will divide into two groups, one visiting nanotechnology businesses in Malmo and the other in Goteborg. The group headed by Mr. Chubais will visit Malmo’s Nanometer Structure Consortium—developers of technology for production of semiconducting nanothreads and one-dimensional semiconductors—as well as the following companies: GLO, Sol Voltaics, Obducat, and Beacon. The group traveling to Goteborg will visit Nanofactory Instruments, Cellectricon, Smoltek, Midorion, and Promimic.
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