Posted: February 2, 2007

Regulations for nanotechnology in consumer products

(Nanowerk News) By attending next week's Regulations for Nanotechnology in Consumer Products conference (February 8 - 9) in Washington, DC, you’ll hear from regulators in Washington DC, NGO’s, chemical industry views, consumer advocacy leaders, nanotech companies, consumer product companies and more.
Nanotechnology has the power to alter nearly every industry in the US today. The potential for improvement of products, coupled with the advancement of material knowledge could breathe new life into manufacturing, product life-cycles and applications. Currently over 400 products are in the global market that utilize nanotechnology. This is good news for investors - but is industry moving too fast? Some believe regulations need to be altered; others feel a new law is in order. Would this help to make the rules clear, or stifle innovation? The future of nanotechnology is at stake, and the conference organizers want you to have a voice.
At this event you will:
– Help determine the future of regulations for nanomaterials
– Understand the environmental concerns using the latest research by global experts
– Get the latest information on how nanotechnology will be regulated as a whole from bodies such as: FDA, EPA, National safety laboratories
– Assess all the risks from PR to ROI for nanotechnology in your company
– Receive the most current toxicology reports, data requirements and how this affects you
– Hear from the nanotech supply chain like IBM, Nantero and Lyondell on what they need, and don’t need from regulators
– Learn more about the opportunities and predictions for harmonization across the US, EU and Asia
– Take part in discussions that could help influence future regulatory requirements
– Network with the major players in the nanotech field
Source: IntertechPira
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