Posted: February 27, 2007

Nanotechnology products and processes for environmental benefit

(Nanowerk News) A newly announced 2-day conference in London will address Nanotechnology products and processes for environmental benefit.
Organized by the UK Institute of Nanotechnology, the themes for this conference include: Hazardous Chemical Substitution; Resource Minimisation; Reversing Pollutionand Carbon Emission Reduction.
Nanotechnology is the basis of many new products and processes that can reduce pollution, minimise use of scarce resources (including energy) and offer substitutes for several hazardous chemicals.
Applications already in the market include catalysts that prevent toxic chemicals from being released into the environment, textile finishes that minimise the need for washing and reduce the transmission of disease, low-toxicity coatings that prevent biofouling, biocidal coatings that reduce the incidence and transmission of MRSA and other diseases, and new generation flame retardants that are much more environmentally friendly.
This event will examine these and other technologies that offer real environmental benefit, and will also review the findings of the recently published STOA report on the Role of Nanotechnology in Chemical Substitution.
Conference sessions:
– Nanotechnology and Reducing Environmental Impact
– Nanotechnology - Dealing with Air and Water Pollution
– Nanotechnology and Environmental Monitoring
– Nanotechnology for Better Products
– Nanotechnology and Reducing Environment Damage
Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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