Posted: March 27, 2007

German-Japanese nanotechnology cooperation in nanoelectronics

(Nanowerk News) The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) have agreed to establish a new scheme for joint funding of Japanese-German cooperative research projects, among them nanotechnology. After consultations between the two parties, “Nanoelectronics” has been selected as the first field of research for which the joint funding scheme will be applied.
The aim of the programme is to strengthen the collaboration between Japan and Germany within the field “Nanoelectronics” to achieve world-class scientific results, leading towards new innovative technologies. This specific area is currently undergoing remarkable development and is considered important by both parties in order to achieve steady growth and sustainability in the long run.
A first call for proposals is available as download (pdf download, 108 KB) from the DFG website. Deadline for proposals is June 15, 2007. Final decisions are expected in October 2007.
The call is open to German and Japanese researchers and should build on and reinforce already on-going research activities in each research group and contribute significant added value to these.
Source: Nanoforum
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