Basque entities develop new nano-alloyed steels for the car industry

(Nanowerk News) A group of Basque companies and technology bodies, including Gerdau Sidenor, GKN Driveline Zumaia, Alcorta Forging and the Tecnalia Technology Corporation, have merged forces in a research project supported by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism's Etorgai Program to develop new nano-alloyed steels with enhanced properties for the car industry.
The aim of this project is to apply nanotechnology to steel car components to ensure they behave in a more efficient manner. Amongst other improvements, the nano-alloyed steels developed in the framework of this program will require less energy during their production and will allow intermediate manufacturing processes to be eliminated.
The project, known as Disauto, will concentrate its efforts in strengthening the mechanical properties of steel for use in the car industry. Amongst other innovations, it aims to improve the strength, toughness or service life of car components.
The project's partners hope that the Disauto project's breakthoughs may be applicable in the future to other sectors in which steel parts are critical, such as renewable energy.
Disauto is supported by the Basque government's Etorgai program, which is intended to promote business-based industrial research projects in strategic sectors. This program is committed to promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors to ensure that innovation remains a key driving force behind the Basque economy.
Source: nanoBasque Agency