Nanotec Thailand to exhibit eco-friendly nano home cleaning solutions

(Nanowerk News) NANOTEC and Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) joined hand to research and produce an environmental friendly surface cleaning solution for flood victims to use as home cleaning product.
In order for the collaboration to go ahead, both NANOTEC and PTT insisted that the project must be eco-friendly for both the end-user and the environment, the product must be effective, and uses local natural products. From this equation, NANOTEC proceeded to use its knowledge in formulation of micelle from natural products to produce a surface cleaning solution which contains clove oil and fatty alcohol ethoxylate C 12 moleED/laureth-12. Thai Ethoxylate Co.,Ltd., a member of PTT group of companies helped to provide fatty alcohol ethoxylate C 12 moleED/laureth-12 compound which the company produced from petroleum refinery by product.
nano cleaning solutions
The three nano cleaning solutions that were recently launched,
"The collaboration with PTT demonstrates our mandate to focus on research that is of priority to commercial sectors and national interests" said Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director of NANOTEC during a soft launch of the product this weekend at Pathumthani Home for the Elderly in Klong 5. "We are glad to be part of the PTT team to produce a product that will help ease the hardship of flood victims, which is eco-friendly, and most importantly the activity is for charitable cause".
The eco-friendly nano cleaning solution will be one of NANOTEC & PTT's showcase that will be exhibited at nanotec 2012 in Big Sight, Tokyo from February 15-17 under the theme "Thailand: Nanotechnology for Natural Disaster Mitigation". Thailand will also exhibit nano related products such as filtration, mosquito repellent, test kits, and nano sack.
PTT also joined force with Chulalongkorn University and PTT R&D Division to produced 2 additional eco-friendly home cleaning solutions for anti-bacteria protection. All 3 solutions will be sold as a set to the public and all proceedings will be donated to the Thai Red Cross.