Teaching resource: Welcome to nanoscience - interdisciplinary environmental explorations

(Nanowerk News) Welcome to Nanoscience helps biology, chemistry, and Earth science teachers introduce the revolutionary fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology to high school students through the unique framework of the environment, specifically groundwater pollution.
This volume comprises two parts. The first provides background material for the teacher and answers important questions: What is nanoscience and technology? What are the important historical and societal aspects of nanotechnology? How is nanoscience related to environmental science? The second part of the volume contains five lessons.
Each classroom-tested, inquiry-based investigation follows the BSCS 5E Instructional Model and includes step-by-step procedures, materials lists, and data charts. Teachers may use the entire curriculum or pick and choose among its several parts, depending on their preferred emphasis, the course level, and available time. The flexible curriculum offers numerous entry and exit points. Also included is a link to a downloadable computer simulation program, which was specially designed to allow students to explore the atomic force microscope—even if their school doesn't have one.
About the Authors

Dr. Andrew S. Madden, School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Michael F. Hochella Jr., Department of Geosciences, Virginia Tech

Dr. George E. Glasson, Department of Teaching and Learning, Virginia Tech

Dr. Julie R. Grady, Department of Education Leadership, Curriculum & Special Education, Arkansas State University

Dr. Tracy L. Bank, Department of Geology, University of Buffalo

Dr. André M. Green, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education, University of South Alabama

Mary A, Norris, Salem High School

Andrew N. Hurst, Patrick Henry High School

Dr. Susan C. Eriksson, UNAVCO, Boulder, Colorado

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Source: National Science Teachers Association
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