On-chip microwave interferometer measures single magnetic nanowire

(Nanowerk News) Ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) is the main technique for investigating the magnetization dynamics of patterned magnetic structures that are of interest for high-speed memory, magnetic storage, and signal-processing applications.
The sensitivity of conventional transmission-line-based FMR approaches are either inadequate for single nanoscale magnetic structures or else they introduce background common mode noise.
In this study (see paper in Review of Scientific Instruments: "Ferromagnetic resonance of a single magnetic nanowire measured with an on-chip microwave interferometer"), an on-chip microwave interferometer suitable for high-sensitivity nanoscale magnetic material characterization was developed by users from Clemson University working collaboratively with the Nanofabrication & Devices Group.
The device automatically cancels background parasitic common mode noise. The magnetization dynamics of a 240-nm-wide, 5-┬Ám-long, and 70-nm-thick single permalloy nanowire was investigated in particular.
Full wave three-dimensional simulations show that the device has the capability of studying the fundamental physics of nanoscale magnetic devices.
Source: Argonne National Laboratory