Russia and Hungary to set up joint nanotechnology research center

(Nanowerk News) The Hungarian government is providing 1.8 billion forints (∼US$ 8.4m) to a nanotechnology research centre to be set up joinly with Russia in Miskolc, NE Hungary.
Russia will contribute the key technology and licenses, the city's mayor told reporters on Wednesday.
On the first day of Russian President Vladimir Putin's official visit to Hungary the Russian IT minister and Hungarian economics minister signed an agreement on Tuesday on a nanotechnology co-operation programme and on establishing a centre in Miskolc, Sandor Kali said.
The innovation centre in Miskolc's Zoltan Bay Applied Research Public Foundation's facility will develop and produce nanotechnology equipment in co-operation with the Miskolc University.
The centre's main areas of research, agreed by Hungary and Russia earlier, include nano research, developing new products, producing medical protheses, multi-component fluids with nano-dispersal technology and applying nanotechnology in meteorology.
Russia is a leader in the field of nanotechnology research and has outstanding results in applying the technology of unifying molecules and atoms, the mayor said, adding that it was unique that Russia was sharing experiences in such a field with a foreign country.
Source: MTI Hungarian News Agency Corp.
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