Posted: December 9, 2007

Indian scientist in US develops nanotechnology-based 'magic additive'

(Nanowerk News) Imagine a 'magic additive', which when added to engine oil, increases the fuel efficiency of your car by 35 to 50 per cent and cuts down on carbon emission by 90 per cent. Such an additive has already been successfully tested by Jay Narayan, a professor at the Department of Material Science and Engineering and director of the NSF Centre for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures at the University of North Carolina.
Calling the additive a perfect solution for the rising pollution in metros, Narayan said the formulation, based on nanotechnology, is waiting for a patent at the moment and will be launched in the American, Indian and Chinese markets within a year. Narayan is on a three-day visit to the IIT-K for the international conference on Metals and Alloys- Metallo 2007.
The native of a village near Kanpur, Narayan completed his engineering degree from IIT-K in 1969, followed by a Masters and doctorate from the University of Berkeley.
In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, Narayan said nanotechnology could provide solutions for energy and pollution-related problems throughout the world. “The reason for poor mileage and harmful emissions is friction and this additive reduces the friction and repairs the internal surface of the engine, thus increasing efficiency and cutting down on carbon exhaust,” he said. He, however, refused to give information about the components of the additive due to patenting reasons. Narayan said that adding just 10 cc of the additive to engine oil would increase the life of the engine and cut down on the frequency of changing the engine oil. “Once the additive is mixed with the oil, it would last for five to six years. It could be used in all sorts of automotive engines,” he said.
He said the formulation was successfully tested in the US and an exclusive license for its marketing would be given to a US-based agency within the next six months. A separate establishment for marketing the additive would be set up in India and China within a year.
Source: Expressindia
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