Posted: December 14, 2007

UAlbany's Nano College focuses on Pacific Rim firms

(Nanowerk News) The University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering has chosen a top executive at Tokyo Electron Ltd. to help it attract Asian and Pacific Rim companies to establish research collaborations here.
Makoto Hirayama is no stranger to UAlbany. He has spent four years at the Albany NanoTech complex on Fuller Road as senior vice president in charge of Tokyo Electron's Technology Center/Americas.
In his new position as assistant vice president and director of Asian and Pacific Rim strategic alliances, Hirayama will seek to bring additional high-tech jobs, companies and investment to the Capital Region.
He also will be a senior professor at the NanoCollege, focusing on nanoscale devices and computer chips, establishing a research program that will examine transistor behavior of nanometer-scale devices. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter.
In his strategy position, Hirayama will seek to build collaborative relationships with chip manufacturers and equipment and materials suppliers, with an emphasis on such companies as Nikon, Hitachi and Seiko Instruments.
Hirayama becomes part of a global executive team at the college that has attracted the research operations of European and Asian companies.
His 30-year career also includes executive positions with Applied Materials Japan and Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
"This move has all the right strategic, business and technical elements to it," said Alain Kaloyeros, vice president and chief administrative officer at the college. "Who would have thought a high-level executive from Japan would want to stay in Albany?"
"I like it here," Hirayama said.
Source: Times Union
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