Posted: January 25, 2008

Who are the rising stars in the new generation of chemists?

(Nanowerk News) In Tomorrow's Chemistry Today, Bruno Pignataro has selected the rising stars of the new generation of chemists and compiled their innovative and award-winning research projects in one volume. Read Tomorrow's Chemistry Today and spot a future Nobel Prize winner or a development that may change the face of science.
The compilation covers the 40 award-winning research projects from the 2006 Young European Chemists Award Competition. All the featured young scientists were selected from the competition for their research being the most promising and innovative in their field, be it in chemistry, the molecular sciences or nanotechnology.
The winning research reflects the major new trends in chemistry and materials science and ranges from hot topics in green chemistry and nanotechnology to total synthesis of natural products and new synthetic methods.
Edited by the competition chairman, Professor Bruno Pignataro, associate professor of Physical Chemistry at Palermo University and elected coordinator of the Italian Young Chemists of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI) who explained: "There are scientific advances made everyday by established leaders in their respective fields, but it is the leaders of innovation, the young scientists, who are on the forefront of modern science and who showcase scientific advancement. Likewise, the top-quality research produced by the European Young Chemists Award Competition winners will guide the current topics in chemical and materials sciences."
Bruno Pignataro has authored nearly 50 articles in international journals and has presented 70 conferences, and serves as referee of several leading chemistry and materials scientific journals. His research interests include nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Tomorrow's Chemistry Today: Concepts in Nanoscience, Organic Materials and Environmental Chemistry is available in print and online.
Source: Wiley-Blackwell
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