Posted: February 7, 2008

Nanosafe 2008 conference announced

(Nanowerk News) This conference is organised by the Integrated NANOSAFE2 project, funded by the European Commission under FP6. The rapidly developing field of nanotechnologies presents many opportunities and benefits for new materials with significantly improved properties as well as revolutionary applications in the fields of energy, environment, medicine, etc... The industrial production and use of nanoparticles will be the driving force for the emerging new materials industry of the 21st century. In terms of economics, analysts have estimated that the worldwide market for nanomaterials will be 700-1000 billions Euros in 2011. However, the potential impact of these new materials on human health and the environment is viewed with apprehension. This new industry can only develop dynamically if these preoccupations are satisfactorily allayed.
The conference is intended to present, on the one hand, the main results issued from the project and, on the other hand, to make known the major progress and projections in the domain of the safe production and use of nanomaterials.

1. Exposure issues

2. Characterization, Detection and Monitoring

3. Filtration and personal protection

4. Toxicology

5. Life cycle analysis

6. Secure industrial production

7. Safety parameters evaluation

8. Standardization, Regulations

The five-day programme for this conference will comprise:
Invited plenary lectures. Confirmed lecturers include: D. PUI (U. Minnesota), Y. ZHAO (Nanosafety Lab. Beijing), C. EMOND (IRSST), F. GITZHOFER (U. Sherbrooke), P.W. HATTO (ISO), S. COFSKY (NanoQuébec), J-P BOURGOIN (CEA), …..
Selected oral contributions
2 poster sessions
Conference will be limited to 400 participants.
Call for papers
Papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions. All accepted abstracts will be published in a proceeding volume. Full papers will be published after reviewing in special issues of Journal of Nanoparticle Research (oral communications) and The European Physical Journal - Applied Physics (posters).
When: November 3-7, 2008
Where: Grenoble, France
Source: Nanosafe
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