Posted: February 8, 2008

Nanotechnology: What about investing in it?

(Nanowerk News) Bob Pisani over at the CNBC website has an article about investing in nanotechnology that basically is about the announcement of a new research firm covering the nanotechnology space - iNano Capital Advisors:
The firm is run by Arthur Pacheco, a former president of the Securities Traders Association with a long history in the securities industry. The firm is partnering with research institutes and universities like the Smalley Institute at Rice University, which is the oldest and most respected research institute in the nanotech field, as well as the Alliance for Nanohealth, which is a research partnership of eight medical centers and colleges that do research and development.
But iNano wants to be more than just an institutional research firm. They want to nurture nanotech firms and expose them to the investment community.
They will produce research on a universe of about 200 stocks that will be directly impacted by developments in nanotchnology. The research will discuss stocks as diverse as Kimberly Clark (who are interested in developing better fibers) to medical technology companies (nanocoatings for stents to make sure they are not rejected or to decrease the possibility of infection) to our parent, General Electric General Electric Co who are making a large investment in R&D for nanotech.
What about investing in nanotech? Pisani correctly identifies two major problems:
1) right now, it's difficult to play nanotech directly, and
2) the science is extremely complicated and involves a lot of cross-disciplinary work.
Read the full article here:
Source: CNBC
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