Posted: April 1, 2008

International call for research grant proposals: Application of nanotechnology in the energy business

(Nanowerk News) Exploring the potential of nanotechnology for energy supply - this is the focus of the current invitation for applications under E.ONís International Research Initiative. This year a sum of Ä 6 million is again available for this purpose. Teams and researchers from all over the world can apply to E.ON to obtain support for projects dealing with the use of nanotechnology in fields such as energy storage, electricity transmission, carbon capture and storage or energy saving through Nano LEDs for example.
With this focus E.ON is backing a still very young research discipline because experts assume that the minute particles ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers in size can greatly benefit energy use that is both more efficient and better for our climate.
The invitation for applications is part of the International Research Initiative successfully launched in 2007 under which E.ON will make €60 million available by 2016 for research projects with different lines of emphasis. Teams and researchers at universities or research institutes are eligible for the grants. E.ON is supporting international energy research to find solutions to important questions in the field of energy technology. E.ON does not claim exclusive title to the findings produced; they will remain the property of the researchers and are to be made accessible to the public via publications.
E.ON will consider projects across a broad spectrum of applied nanotechnology research in the energy business, including but not limited to:
  • Efficiency improvements for renewable energy technologies
  • Further developments in Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Power lines capable of carrying significantly greater loads
  • Hydrogen and natural gas storage
  • Efficient, large-scale electricity storage solutions
  • End-use efficiency improvements
  • Micro fuel cells for portable power applications
  • Advancements in the transport sector e.g. Electric Vehicles
  • Overall impact of nanotechnology on the energy business
  • If you have a proposal for a research project that could advance the application of nanotechnology in the energy industry or meet environmental challenges, E.ON would like to hear from you.
    The E.ON International Research Initiative will be awarding approximately EUR6 million in grants for applied nanotechnology research for the energy business world-wide.
    Deadline: May 30, 2008
    Source: E.ON
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