Posted: May 12, 2008

National Science Foundation plugs $199,000 into Marcy nanotechnology project

(Nanowerk News) The National Science Foundation has awarded a $199,000 grant to fund a joint SUNYIT-MVCC nanotechnology project.
"Educators and researchers in New York State are a major reason the semiconductor industry is so interested in Marcy NanoCenter," said Timothy Dunn, Mohawk Valley EDGE Vice President of Economic Development and Marketing. "This accomplishment for SUNYIT and MVCC represents yet another milestone in the journey to prepare our workforce to compete in this industry and in a flat world."
The project, "Instructional Laboratory for Visualization and Manipulation of Nanoscale Components for Engineering Technology Students," is under the direction of Salahuddin Qazi, professor of electrical engineering technology at SUNYIT, and Robert C. Decker, associate professor of electrical engineering technology at Mohawk Valley Community College. The grant will be used to purchase specialized equipment that will be housed in existing laboratories on both campuses.
"The grant will be used to acquire atomic force microscopes and software tools to develop learning material and hands-on experimental facilities for students and faculty," Decker said. "The proposed lab will also provide hands-on experience in existing and newly introduced nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing technology courses at SUNYIT and MVCC, both of which offer practice-oriented Technology Accreditation Commission Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology programs."
"The goal of preparing teaching material that will train students and faculty in the fields of visualization and manipulation of nanoscale components will also help educate a growing workforce in the field of nanotechnology," Qazi said. "We view the project as a first step toward preparing academic programs to support nanotechnology and ‘clean technology’ industries."
Mohawk Valley EDGE is actively pursuing potential nanotechnology tenants for the Marcy NanoCenter at SUNYIT, a 300-acre site on campus property in the Town of Marcy. A recent study showed that a microchip fabrication facility would generate more than 5,500 jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in regional economic activity.
Source: Rome Sentinel
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