Chinese scientists develop new approach for early diagnosis of cancer

(Nanowerk News) A research project entitled "A real-time analysis of the early diagnosis of cancer markers", undertaken by the CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC), recently passed the acceptance check by an expert team under the auspices of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).
The research was of great value for the fast ascertain of cancer markers and the early warning and diagnosis of the fatal disease, according to the experts.
Starting from January, 2004, the group, under the leadership of Wang Erkang from CIAC and KONG Jilie from Fudan University, has put their utmost to the research and attained encouraging results.
By means of capillary electrophoresis (CE) with electro-chemiluminescence (ECL) detection, surface plasma resonance (SPR), laser induced fluorescence (LIF), spectrum technology, protein chips, gene chip sensors, etc., a real-time, sensitive and specific online detection of some cancer markers was established.
After their successful commercialization of the CE electrochemical analyzer as an independent intellectual property, the group further developed new ECL technologies and ECL probes, working out a new method for simple, sensitive detection of the activity of prolidase (PLD) in plasma and serum, marker of some cancers such as liver cancer and mammary cancer.
With regard to the protein chip or gene chip sensor, the researchers also developed immunochips in crossing finger shape and silicon chips of integrated three-electrode to detect serum markers of liver fibrosis. Based on the study of selective reversible assembly of antibody protein characteristics of electrochemical surface switch, the microfluidic chip with switching functions was developed for controlled protein separation. The research progress gained so far was of great importance to clinical applications such as the fast analysis of body/tissue fluids of patients, the construction of databases to analyzes parameters for clinical substances, and the fast detection of cancer markers for early warning and diagnosis.
Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences
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