Posted: September 19, 2008

Nanotechnology showcase event in London

(Nanowerk News) This is a FREE dissemination and public dialogue showcase event looking at what is happening in the UK in the area of Nanotechnology research, development and application.
The event will provide the opportunity to see and learn about the latest research and development in the UK and is an excellent opportunity to network with representatives from industry, academia, government and non-government organisations (NGOs) and Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs). There will also be an opportunity for public engagement.
This could be of interest for any individual or organisation interested in nanotechnology for:
  • developing new applications, processes or techniques
  • environmental, health and safety issues
  • standards and regulatory issues
  • finding solutions to problems
  • learning about innovations, applications and emerging benefits
  • learning about projects that successfully received grant support
  • learning about funding and support mechanisms
  • learning about accessing the UKs nanotechnology facilities
  • The event program will include speakers from government departments, non-government organisations, industry and academia. This will include presentations, poster sessions and exhibitions relating to the activities in government agencies, KTNs, Micro-Nano Network centers, Trade Associations, Industry, Universities and other centers of excellence.
    For more information please contact Dr Mridula Chakraborty on 01355 593719 or email [email protected]
    Source: TUV NEL
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