Posted: September 23, 2008

University of Queensland promotes nanotechnology expert

(Nanowerk News) The University of Queensland (UQ) has promoted a researcher renowned for his work with minute matter in order to scale up its global research networks.
Professor Max Lu will take the new position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Linkages) on October 11, with the remit of reaching out to industry, governments and academic institutions to strengthen UQ's research alliances.
His appointment is the latest in a recent series of measures to extend and strengthen UQ's profile with key stakeholders including businesses, graduates, schools, governments, community organisations and other research institutions.
Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield said Professor Lu combined distinction as a researcher with success in research commercialisation and extensive networks with industry, governments and national and global research communities.
“As well as being offered two prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Federation Fellowships, Professor Lu has served on many Australian Government committees and developed extensive national and international connections with researchers and industry, particularly throughout the Asia-Pacific,” Professor Greenfield said.
Professor Lu was an instrumental adviser in formulating Australia's first national policy on nanotechnology – a pioneering field which involves scientists and technologists applying materials discoveries at molecular and atomic scales to find solutions to energy, health and environmental issues.
“In the 14 years since he returned to UQ (where he did his doctoral thesis before working in Singapore) Professor Lu has attracted research and infrastructure funds totalling more than $24 million from governments, industry and other sources external to UQ,” Professor Greenfield said.
His recent grants include the $3.4 million Queensland-China Alliance on Clean Energy Materials to collaborate with scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, funded through the Queensland Government's National and International Research Alliances Program.
Professor Lu was this year offered his second Federation fellowship (value at $1.6 million over five years) and the centre that he founded and directs at UQ, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials, gained $4.8million in extension funds in 2007.
His current roles include Deputy Chairman and Chairman-elect (2009) of the Board of Institution of Chemical Engineers in Australia, Board Director of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and membership of the Queensland-China Council.
Professor Lu will hold the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Linkages) on a 50 percent basis, enabling him to continue his joint appointments in the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (where he directs the ARC Centre for Functional Nanomaterials) and the School of Engineering where he holds the Chair of Chemical Engineering in Nanotechnology.
His appointment complements the 50 percent appointment of Professor Alan Lawson as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training) announced in May.
Professor Greenfield recently announced a major reshaping of UQ's senior executive, with a focus on better relationships with partners and communities.
Source: University of Queensland
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