Posted: October 8, 2008

Tabriz University to hold nanoscience and nanotechnology congress

(Nanowerk News) The Second International Congress on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICNN2008) will be held at Tabriz University in Iran from October 28-30.
Announcing this, secretary of the congress underlined that some 1,200 articles from home and abroad have been submitted to the secretariat of which 23 top articles have been selected.
Abdolreza Mir-Hosseini added the some foreign researchers from Denmark, Spain, the USA, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada, China, Azerbaijan Republic, Italy, UK and Armenia will take part in the gathering.
Topics for discussion in the congress include nano-biotechnology, nano-structured materials, nano-composites, nano-electronics, nano-mechanics, nano-medicine, nano-sensors, nano-biosensors, nano-photonics and nano-magnetism, nano-scale fabrications, and green nanotechnology.
Source: IRNA
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