Posted: November 5, 2008

Nanotechnology - a catalyst of Australian manufacturing?

(Nanowerk News) You’d be forgiven for being confused about nanotechnology. The term “nanotechnology” can be interpreted in very different ways - common ones are: funding bandwagon, science- fiction (intelligent robots in the bloodstream), uncontrollable technology (grey goo), anything that is smaller than a micron.
The AIP Physics Industry Day is an opportunity to bust nanotechnology myths. And it’s not just from the perspective of scientists and researchers, but also policy makers, industries currently using nanotechnology in their products and those involved in determining Australia’s future regulatory framework.
What: Nanotechnology: a Catalyst for Australian Manufacturing?
When: November 12, 2008
Where: CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Lindfield, Sydney
The AIP Physics Industry Day presents an excellent opportunity for business to discover innovative research across the breadth of Australia’s national innovation system. Ample networking time promotes interactions between top researchers and business leaders, potentially resulting in the generation of collaborative research projects and joint ventures. High attendance of postgraduates showcasing their research opens the door to organisations searching for bright new employees.
Your invitation
Hear our diverse range of invited speakers challenge myths and misinterpretations of nano. Find out which nanotechnologies are currently being manufactured and which are emerging. Also learn how Australia and the world intend to regulate this new market.
Why should I attend?
Researchers will gain an improved appreciation of non-technical challenges that present barriers to, or opportunities for, innovation. You can showcase your research to a targeted business audience potentially interested in your intellectual property, expertise and partnership.
Business leaders will be exposed to leading Australian R&D and come away with a better understanding of which aspects of nano are realistic and which are fantasy. You can network with the science community, sharing ideas and commercial opportunities.
Policy-drivers will receive a balanced overview of the technical, scientific, economic and political landscapes that will determine the role of nanotechnology in Australia’s manufacturing future. You will rub shoulders with the best minds in business and science in an informal setting.
Source: Australian Institute of Physics
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