Posted: November 20, 2008

Complimentray educational webinar series to share nanotechnology best practices and application innovations

(Nanowerk News) Microfluidics is introducing a series of complimentary educational webinars created to share best practices and innovation knowledge with nanotechnology researchers and drug formulators around the world. The webinars will be delivered by renowned industry thought leaders with years of hands-on experience involving hundreds of cutting-edge applications. Each webinar will consist of a 30-minute presentation followed by an interactive 15-minute question and answer session with attendees.
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The first webinar in the series will be delivered on Thursday, December 11 by Microfluidics’ Chief Technology Officer, Thomai (Mimi) Panagiotou, PhD. The webinar, entitled “Producing Polymer Nanosuspensions for Drug Delivery,” is based on a talk that she delivered at the 2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show.
“Nanotechnology enables forward-thinking companies to achieve amazing – and often previously impossible – results,” said Dr. Panagiotou. “Through research in the Microfluidics Technology Center, for example, we have been able to demonstrate drug encapsulation in polymer nanosuspensions, with polymer particles in the range of 50-500nm. Delivery systems like this can be used for controlled-release drug delivery, or for diagnostics when combined with a contrast agent. When used with appropriate ligants these polymer particles also can enable targeted delivery, such as targeting cancer cells.”
Microfluidics’ webinar series is intended to be educational and informative. It will focus primarily on topics identified and requested by customers, featured at industry events, or chosen by periodic guest speakers from research departments at leading corporations, institutes and universities. Expected participants include…
  • Research scientists
  • Laboratory managers
  • Senior management
  • Process engineers
  • Drug developers
  • University researchers
  • Manufacturing consultants
  • Contract engineers
  • “As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we are excited to share insights into how innovative companies around the world are leveraging new and emerging techniques in nanotechnology to gain a tangible competitive advantage for their product pipelines,” said Mary Anne North, Vice President of Customer Success at Microfluidics. “Typically, such detailed technical information and scientific data are available only at trade shows, conferences and other industry events, which are time-consuming and usually require a travel budget. With the webinar series, we are able to share real-world success stories with a global audience in an efficient and engaging manner.”
    About Microfluidics
    Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microfluidics International Corporation, is a supplier of advanced fluid-processing equipment and reaction technology for laboratory, pilot-scale and manufacturing applications. The equipment enables the manufacture and formulation of numerous nanomaterials and nanoscale products, and produces the most uniform and smallest liquid and suspended solid particles available.
    Microfluidics has been a worldwide supplier of Microfluidizer® high-shear fluid- processing systems to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries since 1984. As a leader in the field, Microfluidics has enabled numerous companies and institutions to formulate, validate and produce licensed drugs for the worldwide healthcare market.
    Source: Microfluidics (press release)
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