Posted: January 23, 2009

Shaping European Nanotechnology - the role of observatoryNANO

(Nanowerk News) Attend the UK dissemination event for the observatoryNANO in London on the 19th March 2009 and learn about new nanoscience and nanotechnology developments in different industrial sectors and what socio-economic impacts these are having on the global market.
European decision-makers in government, industry, and finance lack objective information for their decisions when considering a rapidly changing field of technology such as nanoscience and nanotechnology.
The observatoryNANO project aims to address this through extensive engagement with the global expert community to supplement its review of scientific literature, patents, and reports from different organizations and projects. Developments in ten broad technology sectors are being mapped and analyzed: aerospace, automotive, and transport; agrifood; chemistry and materials; construction; energy; environment; health, medicine, and nanobio; ICT; security; and textiles.
This event provides an overview of the work performed within the first year of the project and the opportunity for participants to meet project partners and get a better insight into how nanotechnology is evolving, not just in terms of scientific, technological and socio-economic opportunities, but also the ethical and societal aspects, and the potential environment, health and safety issues. It also provides a platform for individuals to become involved in future engagement processes and have their opinions included in reports and analyses presented to EU policy makers.
Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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