Posted: February 2, 2009

Springer launches - Free website helps plot research trends and patterns

(Nanowerk News) Science+Business Media has launched the website, a free analytical online tool for discerning trends, patterns and subject experts within scientific research.
Currently, searches over three million journal articles to deliver a variety of useful information. The current searchable content is from all Springer journals, and metadata from other STM publishers will be included in the near future.
The tool can provide a variety of analyses, such as keyword tag clouds and "Top 5" bar charts for various =important metrics, and includes an interactive world map of the results.'s advanced search function also allows complex queries using keyword, discipline, institution, journal and author. The results can identify new and historic scientific trends through timeline graphs and bar charts of top statistics, allowing for identification of trends in the literature, discovery of wider scientific relationships, and locating other experts in a field of study.
The trend timeline graph, for example, allows authors to see whether their area of expertise is growing or has already peaked. Users that are only interested in open access content can restrict their searches accordingly, and all search results provide link-outs to content on SpringerLink.
For graduates, post-docs and emerging researchers, shows which institutions are the most prolific in specific research areas and allows for their comparison. can even be useful for members of the general public seeking to identify experts, for example, medical specialists, working close to where they are located.
" supports our goal of providing the science, technology, and medical communities with additional insights into scientific literature," said Olaf Ernst, President of eProduct Management and Innovation at Springer. "Its ability to dissect information and identify trends will help researchers to better establish the context of their research."
Source: Springer
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