Posted: March 24, 2009

High-tech Europe's 2020 - EU future technologies conference in Prague

(Nanowerk News) What will our technological future look like? Where are the boundaries of science being pushed to reveal new possibilities for tomorrow? Find out at the Science beyond Fiction Conference!
There you will be able to see, touch and feel the ideas that will lead to the technology of the future and hear top scientists and policy makers talk about how to make these ideas reality.
The European Commission will announce its plan to make Europe the world's most attractive place for exploratory research in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).
A 30 project exhibition will showcase today's best science, highlighting the most forward looking projects of European exploratory research, such as:
  • Experience virtual presence: Want to take a walk in the garden or feel the sand under your feet without leaving the fair? Let the latest immersive technologies take you there!
  • Watch artificial intelligence: How about intelligent robots who adapt to their environment just like us? Discover the latest evolutionary robotic organisms at "Science beyond Fiction".
  • The conference will be an opportunity to hear from…
  • Key decision makers and top advisors in science policy: the EU's Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding, OECD Global Science Forum Director Michael Oborne, President-elect of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Ji?í Drahoš, and CEO and President of INRIA France Michel Cosnard.
  • Global science leaders, such as Nobel Prize Laureate Torsten Wiesel, Anton Zeilinger, Albert-László Barabási, Ivan M. Havel, Jeannette M. Wing and Henry Markram.
  • … who will target topics such as:
    - How does the human brain sense and perceive? Where are the latest findings in cognitive neuroscience leading us?
    - Looking through the crystal ball: what may the digital revolution bring by 2030?
    WHEN: Conference & Exhibition 21-23 April, 9 am to 5 pm
    WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic – Hotel Clarion Congress
    Source: Cordis
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