The world's first full color 3D desktop printer

(Nanowerk News) botObjects has announced the ProDesk3D, the world’s first Full Color 3D Desktop Printer. The 3D printing industry will take the next evolutionary step forward for the desktop, enabling customers to own an affordable next generation 3D Desktop Printer capable of generating high quality 3D objects in their home or in the workplace. 3D desktop printing has been talked about as the next revolution in technology, and is poised to make rapid product prototyping, and desktop manufacturing a reality. While the industry is evolving from kit-like products to more mature looking 3D desktop printers - speed, ease-of-use, quality and color have been the challenges of tomorrow.
The ProDesk3D
The ProDesk3D
The ProDesk3D addresses exterior design with an artistic presence, in a safe-enclosed casing, industry-leading speed while offering the very best accuracy from PLA-based models. While the ProDesk3D offers a number of industry leading advancements, perhaps the most noticeable attractions are its user friendliness, simple software where the customer can select colors for their 3D object, make some powerful, yet easy refinements, and then print with ease. The ProDesk3D automates the printer set-up, including auto-leveling the build platform – a tricky area for existing products on the market. Lastly, the ProDesk3D offers a full color experience, enabling customers to mix colors and output the color of choice.
Martin Warner, CEO & Co-founder said, “After two years of work, we are proud to be close to launching a revolutionary product, one that captures the imagination of the owner both from its exterior design and by what it can create – the ProDesk3D was designed based on our view of what this industry would look like in 5 years”.
The ProDesk3D will target all consumers that want to create 3D objects and products at home, and businesses across the spectrum, especially companies focusing on rapid prototyping such as architects, designers, educators, engineers and many more.
Speaking on the announcement, Mike Duma, CTO & Co-founder said, “We wanted to create a product with a sense of maturity, representing its advancements inside the product, as well as a casing with a strong artistic presence - we wanted customers to be proud to show off the ProDesk3D on their desk”.
At the time of going to press, prices for the ProDesk3D were not available, but it is expected to be in the price range of other 3D desktop printers, yet offering the above industry leading advancements. botObjects expects to offer early orders from June 2013.
Source: botObjects