3D printing project creates replicas of Van Gogh masterpieces

(Nanowerk News) A 3D printing project with the Van Gogh Museum has been developed in cooperation with FUJIFILM Belgium NV, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. The product resulting from this cooperation is called Relievo, a premium three-dimensional replica of Van Gogh masterpieces. The originals are recreated in size, colour, brightness and texture to achieve an ultimate fine-art reproduction.
The Relievo not only recreates the front of the original painting but also the back of the paintings including all labels and stamps that were added over the years on the frame. The Relievos are checked and officially approved by curators of the Van Gogh Museum.
FUJIFILM Belgium NV is the technology owner and manufacturer of Relievo. The Van Gogh Museum contributed by its expertise on the paintings and is responsible for the marketing and sales of the Relievos. Both parties worked closely together on the project and will continue to do so. On Monday, 15 July the Van Gogh Museum will launch Relievo in Hong Kong. The launch is part of a pilot which is mainly intended to test the product on the market.
sunflowers by van Gogh
Detail of Relievo 'Sunflowers', Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Unique reproduction process: Reliefography
Reliefography is a new and unique reproduction process developed by FUJIFILM Belgium NV. For the first time, three-dimensional scanning, digital imaging and printing technology are brought together to faithfully reproduce the textured detail of Van Gogh's artworks in accurate colour. Richard Tackx, FUJIFILM Belgium Director Sales & Marketing EMEA says: “At Fujifilm we are very excited to work together with the Van Gogh Museum on this fascinating project. The result of our joined efforts is a very high quality reproduction and we hope the market will respond very positively to this unique product.” Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum comments: "Considering current developments regarding the 3D printing process, the creation of a three-dimensional reproduction is an exciting but, most of all, logical new step. By means of Relievos, availability and accessibility of the works of art can be enhanced, which gives the Van Gogh Museum the opportunity to realise its mission to inspire and enrich as large an audience as possible."
The process of reliefography is driven by the vision of experts from both FUJIFILM Belgium NV and the Van Gogh Museum. They have dedicated their knowledge, craftsmanship and passion in order to achieve the best fine art replicas ever seen. Specialist handling and quality checking by experts from both the Van Gogh Museum and FUJIFILM Belgium NV are required for the production of each Relievo.
The reliefography process makes use of external technologies (3D scanning) and Fujifilm technology. Fujifilm products and specific knowledge involved are colour management expertise, UV inkjet printing technology and Fujifilm Forge Guard anti-counterfeit seals.
Debut launch in Hong Kong
The Van Gogh Museum has decided to make a world first announcement of this product in Hong Kong and thus in the first step target the markets of Asia, with the region's metropolitan cities, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing.
The product will further be used for educational purposes. Sections of a Relievo are presently used for the ‘Van Gogh at work’ exhibition (Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam until January 12th, 2014). The option to apply the reproductions in schools and for the blind and visually impaired is also being developed.
Source: Fujifilm
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