A collection of carbon footprint data for building products

(Nanowerk News) This report ("Carbon footprint for building products"; pdf) presents a collection of carbon footprint data for building products.
Carbon footprint for building products
The information has been collected in the European ECO2 research project. The main objectives of the project were to define principles for carbon footprint assessment, and to assess greenhouse gas impacts of wooden building products and buildings.

The purpose of this report is to present the carbon footprint data of selected building products. This report focuses on wooden building products. It contains both country-level data from Europe, as well as European-level data. However, since one of the objectives of the ECO2 research project is to assess the greenhouse gas impacts of whole buildings, also other building products are included in the report.

The information collected in this report is based on either on publicly available information on greenhouse gases of building materials, or on information collected within ECO2 project work package 3. All information is given in a similar format in such a way that it covers the stages A1, A2 and A3 in accordance with EN 15804.

In order to assess the environmental impacts of whole buildings, an easy-to-use calculation tool was also created. The carbon footprint data presented in this report serves as the background data for the calculation tool. All the greenhouse gas data presented in this report is built-in into the calculation tool. This allows both ease of assessments and transparency of data.
Source: Technical Research Centre of Finland
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