OECD releases report on Inhalation Toxicity Testing for Nanomaterials

(Nanowerk News) The expert meeting on Inhalation Toxicity Testing for Nanomaterials was held on 19-20 October 2011 in The Hague, hosted by the Netherlands, with the aim of discussing the results of the OECD Sponsorship Programme (under the responsibility of SG3) on this specific topic and addressing issues relevant to inhalation toxicity. Fifty experts from the WPMN as well as the OECD Working Group of the National Coordinators for the Test Guidelines programme (WNT) participated in the meeting.
A preliminary report of the meeting (pdf) was initially prepared by the host, the Netherlands, and presented at the 9th meeting of the WPMN (December 2011) and it was agreed that this report be circulated to the meeting participants for their comments with a view to its improvement reflecting the discussions and conclusions of the meeting. Accordingly, the meeting report has been reviewed by not only meeting participants but also the WPMN and the WNT members.
This document, the meeting report, includes summaries and recommendations from each of the presentations as well as suggested revisions to the OECD Test Guidelines (TGs 403, TG412, TG413 and TG436), the Guidance Document on Acute Inhalation Toxicity Testing [ENV/JM/MONO(2009)28] and the Preliminary Guidance Notes on Sample Preparation and Dosimetry for the Safety Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials [ENV/JM/MONO(2010)25] (Annex IV). It also includes the meeting agenda, and the Participants list.
Source: OECD
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