How nanomedicine contributes to better cancer diagnostic and therapy

(Nanowerk News) In the framework of the World Cancer Day, the European Technology Platform of Nanomedicine (ETPN) and its partners will organize a European event on February the 1st on “How nanomedicine contributes to better cancer diagnostic and therapy”. Similar and simultaneous events will be organized in France and Portugal, highlighting the importance of nanomedicine research for cancer on the European level.
Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are part of the therapeutic arsenal for patients with cancer. New technologies associated with nanoparticles could provide more effective solutions to personalize diagnoses and treat these diseases, while improving targeted drug delivery and reducing side effects and collateral damages on the body. These breakthrough therapies based on nanomedicine are already a reality with concrete results, 60 nano-products on the market and more than 70 in the pipeline. Nanomedicine can go further in bringing new therapeutic mode of action into cells. For instance, nanoparticles can already be injected into the tumor and then be activated to produce a physical effect and destroy cancer cells locally.
In the press events across Europe, leading international stakeholders in the field will introduce examples highlighting the key role of nanomedicine for cancer therapy, diagnoses and imaging.
This year, these stakeholders across Europe who have already confirmed are:
National Cancer organizations:
  • – Canceropole CLARA (FR)
  • – Comprehensive Cancer Center (Charité University Hospital) (DE)
  • – Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto (PT)
  • SMEs: Nanobiotix (FR)
    Universities / Public laboratories:
  • – Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia (US)
  • – CNRS / Paris 11 University (FR)
  • – Ludwig-Maximilians University München (DE)
  • – Aachen University Hospital (DE)
  • – INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (Portugal-Spain)
  • – Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  • – University of Lisboa/ Faculty of Pharmacy (PT).
  • Leading local experts involved in the Berlin Press event:
  • Professor Reinhold Schäfer, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Tumor Pathology, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Charité University Hospital, Berlin
  • Bernd Muehlenweg, Representative of the ETP Nanomedicine and of Nanobiotix, Paris/Hamburg
  • Dr Manfred Ogris, Department of Pharmacy, Ludwig-Maximilians University München, Munich
  • Dr Twan Lammers, Department of Experimental Molecular Imaging, Aachen University Hospital, Aachen
  • This conference will give an overview on nanomedicine for cancer: What are the key areas of research? What are the new methods of diagnosis? What are the new treatments in development? What are the first results? What are the products used every day?
    Source: VDI/VDE
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