NanoDiode launches survey to examine citizens' views on nanotechnologies

(Nanowerk News) The NanoDiode project has made available an online survey in 10 different languages that aims to generate in-depth knowledge of public preferences for nanotechnologies in order to enable responsive policy-making. It sees stakeholder engagement and dialogue as essential to the responsible development of nanotechnologies in Europe, and so invites lay consumers to take part in its survey.
As this survey is aimed at non-experts, readers are asked if they can help the project by forwarding the survey to non-experts through both their personal and professional networks.
NanoDiode (Developing innovative Outreach and Dialogue on responsible Nanotechnologies in EU Civil Society), funded by the European Union, establishes an innovative, coordinated programme for outreach and dialogue throughout Europe. It integrates engagement activities along the innovation value chain: By combining ‘upstream’ public engagement (by way of dialogues that integrate societal needs and expectations into the policy debate) with ‘midstream’ engagement (by organising open innovation workshops at the level of R&D) and ‘downstream’ strategies for education and communication.
Source: NanoDiode
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