The IEEE Robots App is FREE during National Robotics Week

(Nanowerk News) The IEEE Spectrum Robots for iPad app debuted in the Apple App store in November 2012. The app, which normally costs US $4.99,is now free on the App Store during 6-14 April in celebration of U.S. National Robotics Week.
robot ipad app
With interactive 360-degree photos, descriptions, technical specs, and videos of 126 robots from 19 countries, the app aims to be the go-to resource for robot enthusiasts. A variety of robot types are featured, including humanoids, toys, and robots used in health care, research, and even space.
In the toy category, you’ll learn about Keepon, a small, yellow, blob-like character that dances to music. Several health care robots are included, most notably the da Vinci surgical system, the robot used to perform many of today’s minimally invasive procedures, such as prostatectomies. Among the flying kind are the bio-inspired SmartBird robotic seagull and Harvard's RoboBee insect robots.
There are plenty of research robots, such as NASA’s Robonaut 2, which is used onboard the International Space Station to perform tasks like monitoring air flow and assisting with scientific experiments. And although it’s hard to pick favorites, Robonaut 2 comes at the top of Guizzo’s list. “It’s fascinating that there’s a humanoid robot in space,” he says. One of Klett’s favorites is also a humanoid, Geminoid DK, which bares a striking resemblance to its developer Henrik Scharfe, an associate professor at Aalborg University, in Denmark.
Source: IEEE
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