The future of learning: Cambridge Advance Online meets bionanotechnology

(Nanowerk Spotlight) 2021 was a remarkable year for Bionanotechnology. It had seen the widespread use of mRNA vaccines to fight COVID-19, formulated using lipid nanoparticles to stabilise the fragile mRNA cargo. This huge success was not the first of its kind. That had been established some 30 years ago, giving us liposomal nanocarriers (made using molecular elements similar to those that build our cell membrane) for chemotherapeutic drugs such as doxorubicin, and gold nanoparticle-biomolecule conjugates used in lateral flow tests. The synergy of nanotechnology and biomolecules has resulted in a number of commercial products and more than 60 nanostructures used in a clinical setting either for drug delivery or medical imaging.
Being a relatively young field, Bionanotechnology is often neglected within undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum. With an increasing number of researchers and professionals of different backgrounds coming into the field, there is a clear need to have learning platforms that cover techniques, strategies and methods that characterise the design of bionano structures.
In September 2021, Cambridge Advance Online, a new educational initiative created between the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Press and Assessment, launched a 6-week online course about Bionanotechnology: Bionanotechnology from Theory to Practice. This interactive and dynamic course intertwines theory with experiments, group discussions, live lectures and an individual research project, providing busy professionals with an up-to-date overview of the field and the knowledge to apply various Bionanotechnology concepts to solve key problems across different industries. This interdisciplinary course, touches on a range of different topics from nanomaterials to biosensing devices to nanotoxicology.
The structure of Bionanotechnology from Theory to Practice
The structure of Bionanotechnology from Theory to Practice. (Image: Cambridge Advance Online)
Our first course run had an eclectic group of students, from a 60 year old CEO of several spin off companies interested in learning about the field he wants to invest in, to a graduate student who wanted to find the solution to her problem of tissue engineering. Each cohort sees a small group of learners (up to 25 students) convene for 6 weeks, getting to know each other over the progression of the course, building a community that can share their knowledge and experiences years after the course has ended.
Cambridge Advance Online is taking Cambridge University into the new age of learning where students can be sitting in different parts of the world and have access to the best learning materials and teachers available. They can study on a schedule that suits their individual needs, and learn from leaders at the forefront of academic research.
The future is here, and it goes beyond the classroom or lecture hall. It draws on the collective experience and knowledge of its learners, and their ability to learn interactively from anywhere in the world, never forgetting that learning should be fun irrespective of age and career stage. Making use of teaching excellence and access to the work of outstanding researchers, Cambridge Advance Online has created a platform worth exploring and learning through.

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