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Wonder in carbon land: how do you hold a molecule?

Visitors to this year's prestigious Royal Society Summer Exhibition are to learn how cutting edge nanotechnology research at The University of Nottingham will lead to a new generation of exciting carbon-based products.

Posted: Jun 30th, 2008

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IST research in Europe: good, but could do better

EU funding for information society technologies (IST) research under the Sixth Framework Programme has helped make Europe a world leader in a number of key areas, including high-speed networking and nano-electronics. Nevertheless, systemic changes are urgently needed to remove the remaining barriers to innovation which are preventing the full exploitation of research results.

Posted: Jun 27th, 2008

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In 'novel playground,' metals are formed into porous nanostructures

Cornell researchers have developed a method to self-assemble metals into complex nanostructures. Applications include making more efficient and cheaper catalysts for fuel cells and industrial processes and creating microstructured surfaces to make new types of conductors that would carry more information across microchips than conventional wires do.

Posted: Jun 26th, 2008

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Researchers develop new technique for fabricating nanowire circuits

Scientists at Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), collaborating collaborating with researchers from the German universities of Jena, Gottingen, and Bremen, have developed a new technique for fabricating nanowire photonic and electronic integrated circuits that may one day be suitable for high-volume commercial production.

Posted: Jun 26th, 2008

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