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Watching chemical reactions molecule by molecule

RIKEN scientists have developed a method to control and study a chemical reaction in a single molecule. The technique could eventually help to fabricate advanced electronic devices molecule by molecule.

Posted: Aug 15th, 2008

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Penetrating cell walls, carbon nanotubes kill cancer cells in mice

The new method has enabled the researchers to get a higher proportion of a given dose of medication into the tumor cells than is possible with the 'free' drug-that is, the one not bound to nanotubes-thus reducing the amount of medication that they need to inject into a subject to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Posted: Aug 14th, 2008

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Developing new high-performance energy storage units for hybrid vehicles

So far, hybrid technology has always had a storage problem. Scientists from three Fraunhofer Institutes are developing new storage modules in a project called 'Electromobility Fleet Test'. The pilot project was launched by Volkswagen and Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment BMU together with seven other partners.

Posted: Aug 14th, 2008

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Scientists put a (nano) spring in their step

A team of Clemson University researchers has invented a way to make beds of tiny, shock-absorbing carbon springs which possibly could be used to protect delicate objects from damaging impacts.

Posted: Aug 13th, 2008

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