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Nanosurf is a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes. Our full range of AFM and STM products is trusted by professionals worldwide to help them visualize, analyze, and manipulate objects and surfaces at the nanoscale. Nanosurf microscopes excel through their smart design, innovative technology, and intuitive operation.


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Latest News
(May 2014) Nanosurf SPM Control Software V3.3.0 released. Version 3.3.0 improves several aspects of the V3 control software and is the first official release with support for the C3000 controller. The new software is available for download to all registered customers. Please visit our Support pages for download or registration.
(March 2014) FlexAFM applications. Two new FlexAFM application notes on bacteriorhodopsin imaging and bacteriorhodopsin spectroscopy are now available in the FlexAFM application list. The two application notes illustrate the capabilities of the C3000 controller in combination with the FlexAFM atomic force microscope.
(March 2014) FluidFM Applications. Four new FluidFM application notes and a related FluidFM application video on cell adhesion are now available on the Nanosurf website. The video can also be viewed on the Nanosurf Youtube channel.
(November 2013) Video on nanoscale surface analysis. An updated video on nanoscale surface analysis was just submitted to our YouTube channel. Here's the direct link. In just 1:23 minutes, this video explains what surface analysis with our atomic force microscopes (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopes (STM) can do for you, your products, and your research. More Nanosurf videos can be viewed here.
(September 2013) For those of you who missed the FluidFM webinar on September 25, we now have the recorded webinar online on our YouTube channel. In addition, you will find an interview on FluidFM and a cantilever handling video there. More information on FluidFM can be found here.
(September 2013) FluidFM Webinar: Advancing Single Cell Manipulation and Analysis Fluid Force Microscopy (FluidFM) combines the unique possibilities of nanofluidics with the positional accuracy and force sensitivity of the atomic force microscope to provide a new level of control and application possibilities in single-cell biology. To illustrate the various possibilities and highlight recent research performed with the FluidFM, we invite you to join us for the first FluidFM webinar. Reserve your webinar seat now
(June 2013) FluidFM® well received at Nanosurf workshop A workshop focusing on applications of FluidFM® in areas such as cell biology and materials science met with great success on May 22, when the instrument and its unique touchscreen software interface were demonstrated at Nanosurf headquarters. In addition to live demos by Nanosurf and Cytosurge, in-depth presentations were given by initial users of the system. Read all about it here.
(April 2013) New general manager at Nanosurf Inc. Nanosurf is pleased to announce that Dr. Saju Nettikadan will be joining Nanosurf Inc. in Saugus/Boston as General Manager, taking full responsibility for US operations. Dr. Nettikadan will start May 1st and will head the existing team in the US. Read all about it here.
(February 2013) Nanosurf SPM Control Software V3.1.1 released Version 3.1.1 further improves upon the previous release and corrects several bugs. The update is highly recommended for all users. The new software is available for download to all registered customers. Please visit our Support pages for download or registration.
(November 2012)NaioAFM Webinar For all those who missed the NaioAFM webinar on November 15, please have a look at some product videos on the NaioAFM video page or on our YouTube channel.
Articles   Downloads
pdf Imaging DNA with the AFM (652 KB)   pdf Easyscan 2 AFM Brochure (819 KB)
pdf Lateral Force Contrast on Dots produced by Dip-Pen Nanolithography (604 KB)   pdf Easyscan 2 STM Brochure (1 MB)
pdf Bulk copper deposition on gold studied in an EC-AFM application using the FlexAFM (1 MB)   pdf Easyscan 2 Controller Brochure (901 KB)
pdf Nanosurf Lithography Option (612 KB)   pdf NaniteAFM Brochure (0.8 MB)
pdf AFM Stitching (1.4 MB)   pdf EasyPLL plus Brochure (0.8 MB)
pdf Scanning Thermal Microscopy (2.5 MB)   pdf Company Brochure (1.1 MB)
How quality control of everyday products with AFM creates competitive advantages   pdf FluidFM Brochure (1.3 MB)
      pdf FlexAFM Brochure (1 MB)
      pdf LensAFM Brochure (1.2 MB)
      pdf Super-flat AFM for SEM Brochure (0.8 MB)
      pdf NaioSTM Brochure (1.6 MB)
      pdf NaioAFM Brochure (1.9 MB)
Videos/Images/Podcasts   Products
Lithography by Local Oxidation of Titanium Lithography by Local Oxidation of Titanium   Nanosurf FluidFM – A powerful new tool that combines nanofluidics and AFM
  Nanosurf LensAFM – A powerful add-on to optical microscopes or 3D profilometers
Lithography by Local Oxidation of Titanium Molecular structure of a self-assembled monolayer   Nanosurf FlexAFM – Your Versatile Research AFM System for Materials & Life Science
Nanosurf Easyscan 2 – Your Modular SPM System for Education, Science, and Industry
Butterfly wings - a fragile biological nanostructure Butterfly wings - a fragile biological nanostructure   Nanosurf NaniteAFM – Mountable AFM for Industrial Applications
  Nanosurf AFM for SEM – Have you ever wanted to get fast 3D information in SEM?
Human hair treatement Human hair treatement   Nanosurf EasyPLL plus – Your affordable PLL solution for non-contact AFM
  Accessories – Everything to Complement Your Nanosurf SPM System
Pentacene Film on TiO2 Pentacene Film on TiO2   Nanosurf NaioAFM – Your All-in-One AFM for Nanoeducation and Small Samples
  Nanosurf NaioSTM – An Easy Entry into the World of Atoms
Screw dislocations in GaN Screw dislocations in GaN      
Kelvin force probe microscopy Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) using the Nanosurf FlexAFM      
Kelvin force probe microscopy Analysis of ePTFE membrane using the Nanosurf easyScan 2 AFM      
pdf NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's AFM      
pdf Nanosurf atomic force microscopes and surface analysis      
pdf Nanosurf NaioAFM – System Overview      
pdf Nanosurf NaioAFM –Cantilever Exchange      
pdf FluidFM Operation – How to store a used cantilever      
pdf View all videos on the Nanosurf YouTube channel      

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