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O Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Nanociências tem como objetivos: Qualificar recursos humanos através de uma formação multidisciplinar para atuar em atividades de Ensino e Pesquisa; Contribuir para o desenvolvimento regional e nacional na área de Nanociências; Produzir conhecimentos e promover a disseminação e a consolidação da Nanociência, mediante o desenvolvimento de pesquisas que possibilitem inovações tecnológicas;
The Master's Programme in Nanotechnology is tailored to students aiming at international careers in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, both regarding the fundamentals of nanoscience and how to design and build components on the nanoscale.
The programme is intended for students aiming at a career in the area of materials science, which is a very broad field both scientifically and technologically. Scientists who work in industry or at universities and engineers who work in materials science are active in fields ranging from fundamental materials development to application of materials technology to products and processes.
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology offers a new, 4-semester international master's programme in Micro and Nano Systems. The programme provides world-class, future-oriented education in design, manufacturing, characterization and integration of miniaturized components into engineering systems.
This course is suitable for graduates with science, engineering or related degrees keen to develop careers at the cutting edge of micro-engineering; or graduates currently working in industry keen to extend their qualifications; or individuals with other qualifications who possess considerable relevant experience.
Suitable for graduates interested in pursuing a career within the field of nanomedicine. You will have a UK honours degree, or equivalent, in a science or technology related subject. The course is also ideal for experienced professionals looking to widen their skill set and develop their careers. Available on a full and part-time basis, the course offers flexibility and support for those who wish to study whilst remaining in employment.
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