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Posted: March 22, 2010

Leading nanotechnology website launches free job posting service

(Nanowerk News) Nanowerk, the leading information provider for all areas of nanotechnologies, today added to its nanotechnology information portal a new free job posting service.
The new application, called nanoJOBS, is available immediately on the Nanowerk website.
By posting their job openings on Nanowerk's new nanoJOBS service, employers will reach a large audience in the areas of nanotechnologies, chemistry, physics, material sciences & engineering, medical technologies & pharmaceuticals, electronics, laboratory equipment, and all sectors involving state-of-the-art process technologies.
Like all other Nanowerk databases and directories, the nanoJOBS job postings are freely accessible. Employers need to register once and, in order to assure a high level of quality, their postings will be validated and approved by a Nanowerk administrator.
A valuable addition to other Nanowerk services – such as the Nanomaterial Database™, the NanoBusiness section, the nanoBIDS procurement service, various directories, and a packed events calendar – nanoJOBS is the latest example of Nanowerk's continuing effort to provide useful, high-quality content and services to the nanotechnology community, far beyond simply collecting and republishing news releases.
About Nanowerk is the authoritative site for information on all aspects of nanotechnologies. Nanowerk’s high-quality science and business content is unmatched in its utility to professionals and academics involved in nanotechnologies, chemistry, material sciences and engineering, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, electronics, laboratory equipment, and all sectors involving state-of-the-art process technologies.
In addition to complete press release coverage, and unlike other websites, Nanowerk posts its own editorial content – Nanowerk Spotlights – which has become a popular information source for academia and industry alike. A collection of Nanowerk Spotlights has been published by the Royal Society of Chemistry: “Nano-Societey – Pushing the boundaries of technology”.
Source: Nanowerk
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