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Product: GuardIN Fresh

Manufacturer: GuardIN Fresh

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Food → Food Packaging → Packaging Material



GuardIN Fresh is a NanoMech subsidiary that was formed to commercialize the use of NanoMech's nanoparticles additive for application to shelf life extending polymers. The technology benefits perishable produce and floral products by scavenging the ethylene gas that hastens ripening. GuardIN Fresh will provide growers, distributors, retailers, and consumers with value-added packaging solutions that reduce waste, extend shelf life, and greatly improve the taste and appearance of fresh produce.

GuardIN Fresh's vision is to change the way people think about sustainability in the fresh produce and floral supply chain through the widespread use of products containing our freshExtend Solutions. The company's objective is to be the innovative technology leader in providing packaging solutions that enhance sustainability for perishable produce in the supply chain. GuardIN Fresh plans to build a brand name based on the performance of its superior products. The company aims to enhance sustainability for perishable produce by developing partnerships with brand leaders.

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