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Product: AC Nano

Manufacturer: AC Environmental

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Environment → Remediation → Decontamination



A user-friendly, advanced technology distributed by AC Environmental, AC Nano is engineered to provide optimum performance when it comes to removing heavy metals from liquids. AC Nano selectively removes heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt in a neutral pH environment without using any form of sulphur. It is highly cost-effective since only low concentrations of AC Nano are required with each use. We have also developed a formulation to deal with arsenic and mercury contamination.

The high surface area and low crystallinityofthe nano-crystallites in AC Nanopromotes nucleation of the metal complex over a wide range of metal concentration (<10ppb to 1000ppm).

Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Contamination

This innovative bio-product can be used for bioremediation of heavy metal contamination of industrial chemical wastewater, polluted soils, and ground waters. AC Nano is the natural choice when you need an environmentally friendly and non-toxic heavy metal remediation solution that is also compatible with other precipitation and coagulation treatment systems.

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